Bat pups

Pups are typically born in early- to mid-summer. Soon after, they begin learning how to fly and sometimes find themselves in trouble.

If you see a pup that has fallen from a roost but is at a height sufficient to be safe from predators (about 3m) and it is NOT in full sun, it is important to leave it there. The mother will pick him up when she feels she will be able to do so safely. NOTE: ensure you keep people and pets away from the pup if this occurs.

If the pup is not in a secure area or has somehow ended up in your home – you can help.

Gently grab the animal with thin gloves or a piece of cloth (ensure no direct contact). Place the pup in a cardboard box with a small cloth to make it feel safe.

If the pup is small and little or no hair

Help the mother find it by building an “airstrip” so she can fly off with the pup (see picture below – you will need a bowl, a glass and a sock).

  • Cover the glass with a sock – this provides height and a surface to grip
  • Place the glass in a bowl – the edges prevent the pup from escaping if it falls
  • Place the bowl (with the covered glass) on your deck or window edge in an open area – this allows the mother to find the pup.
  • At sunset, place the young bat at the top of the glass on the sock
Gently grabbing the bat pup
Gently grabbing the bat pup
Bat pup with no hair
Bat pup with no hair

WARNING: the bowl should be protected from sun, cats and other predators

If the pup is a little bigger (has hair)

Place the pup in a pillow case, and pin it opening up, near a roost or on a tree so that it can crawl out. 

If you are not comfortable handling a pup, please contact us for help. 

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