Submitting bat count data

Your data will be kept private and will not be shared. BC Bats will use this information strictly for monitoring bat related activities.

If there is more than one roost being monitored at this address, please fill out this form for each roost separately.

This form is structured into three sections:

  1. General information

    In this section we’ll ask for the address where the count was done, landowner contact information and primary bat counter contact information

  2. Roost information

    In this section we’ll ask about the roost you were performing counts on

  3. Count information

    In this section we’ll gather count data you collected during the count. You will be able to add multiple counts for a specific roost.

    Note: Every time you enter a new count you need to go through step 1 and 2. If you wait until you have performed all your counts for the season, you will need to fill the form just once.

    If you have previously entered counts for this roost, only the required fields need to be filled in for    step 1 and step 2.

Guano samples for DNA testing

If the species is unknown, you can send a guano sample in a paper envelope to the address below and we will get it analyzed. You can find details on sending guano here.

Bat pups

Please record if you see or hear pups. Please check regularly on the ground below the roost, particularly during hot spells, and report any pups immediately

Enter Count information
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This project is supported by: